Look Younger With Teeth Whitening

Look Younger With Teeth Whitening

Many patients say they dream about whiter teeth. And that’s what many patients ask for when they call us for the first time. And who can blame them? Who doesn’t like a nice, clean, bright smile? You can also look younger with teeth whitening.

Just the other day, a 61-year-old medical doctor left our office with a spring in his step and a brighter smile on his face. And all it took was one hour under the patented blue light of our Zoom lamp. He recalled that he had a white smile when he was young, but now he felt self-conscious about his smile because his teeth looked brown–and old!

No more! His before-and-after photos tell the story: A dramatic transformation, a journey back in time–to the smile of his youth! “Terrific” was the word he used to describe his excitement. And now that his teeth are a nice light color, he’s ready to place some veneers that will match his lighter front teeth. Not bad for a one-and-a-half hour afternoon visit–and all while he watched a DVD movie! Contact us if you would like to look younger with teeth whitening.

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