Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces

 We get a lot of inquiries about invisible braces in Sales Family Dental. People want to know if invisible braces work. That’s the most common question about the tooth-straightening treatment known as Invisalign. And, we are delighted to report that our patients have gotten amazing results with invisible braces or aligners that no one can see!

Popular treatment. We know because we have done hundreds of Invisalign cases, more than most other dental practices in the region. That means patients of all ages–from 20s to 60s, and up!

Invisible braces are a wonderful, adult-friendly way to straighten a smile. Our patients report that wearing the custom-made trays is an extremely easy way to realign teeth–without anyone knowing! A new tray is worn every two or three weeks. These are wonderful advantages, especially since the majority of adult Invisalign patients–also wore metal braces as teenagers. Yes, most Invisalign patients are lapsed orthodontia patients who never wore their retainer.

A Second Chance. “It’s a huge plus for all of us who wore those ugly metal wires as children, but did not wear our retainers, and everything shifted,” says a 32-year-old lawyer, who lives and works in the District. “Now we have a second chance at a straight smile.”

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